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Hao Yijia child car

Founded in 2018, Haoyijia Children’s Car Co., Ltd. is a first-class manufacturer and supplier of electric children’s car in Zhejiang Province, China. The company mainly deals in children’s electric car. It is a professional production, manufacturing and design company with customers in more than 10 countries and regions around the world. At present, the company covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, has six production lines, more than 200 employees, daily production can reach 1200 children’s electric vehicles, the company has the Ministry of Domestic Sales and Foreign Trade, which has more than 30 children’s car stores for domestic sales, is expected to reach 100 children’s car stores by the end of 2019, and the foreign trade market is the most lively. It jumped to 65% of the company’s turnover.

Sample Room of Pinghu Haoyijia Children's Car Co., Ltd.

In 2018, the sales of Haoya Kids Car in the United States have been growing rapidly for several years and occupied a place. The company has formed strategic alliances with some international e-commerce platforms, and eBay has sold a series of Haoya Kids Car products steadily.

Workshop of Pinghu Haoyijia Children's Car Co., Ltd.

April 2019, for Haoyijia Children’s Car Co., Ltd., it is a major turning point. Haoyijia has successfully cooperated with CCTV Credit Archives of China National Television Station and won the honorary certificate of the national integrity enterprise.

A number of products and brands with wide distribution have appeared on the market lately, products strongly based on trends and style, designed for short-term use. These products don’t last as the client eventually realizes what is truly behind this type business and doesn’t easily forgive this sort of company’s lack of vision for the future and a serious commitment to research and the world of infants. Hao Yijia’s strategy has always been the polar opposite to this type of frivolity. The company was founded in2018 and our philosophy is to perpetuate and strengthen as a business. That Hao Yijia is a leader in babycare is unquestionable. Our ability to communicate, our sense of responsibility and our unflagging implication make our obligation to society a completely natural one. That is what makes us different, original and absolutely authentic.


Warehouse of Pinghu Haoyijia Child Car Co., Ltd.